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**Here at Solachi Border Collies, we are determined to place our puppies with the best homes possible. All puppies will go to their forever homes along with being wormed, microchipped, having their first round of vaccinations, a "puppy pack" (including breed specific information, a food sample, and the puppy's lineage and health clearances), and as with all of our litters, they will be AKC registered, and BAER hearing tested. All puppies will be registered by the breeder. If you have a particular registration name that you would like to use, please let us know or a registration name will be chosen by the breeder. A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required accompanied by our deposit contract. The deposit will go towards the overall price of the puppy.**
Solachi is proud to implement the Bio Sensory Stimulating program to all of our puppies since the first day of birth. Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia first recommended the program, formally called Early Neurological Stimulation, for all canines in the U.S. Military. This program has been proven to better improve the performance of canines, along with other species of animals.
*Early Neurological Stimulation*
What A Solachi Quality Puppy Means To Us
     Our Solachi puppies were BORN to PERFORM. Puppies that are dubbed Performance quality puppies, are those that exhibit high drive and working capability, coupled with a willingness to learn and please. All of our Performance puppies are sold on limited registration, which means the puppy MUST be spayed/neutered. Occasionally, we do let those who are experienced in the competition or conformation ring purchase their puppy on full registration. Our border collies are capable of obtaining championships in any performance/working sport. If you are a novice performance exhibitor, we highly recommend that you seek guidance from trainers, attend classes, and join a performance sport club.

         Solachi takes great pride in breeding border collies that are structurally sound along with having outstanding working ability. We will not breed to a dog or bitch unless they have outstanding conformation, a strong work ethic, an even temperament, and the willingness to work and please it's master. Many of our pups compete in conformation events as well as performance events. We breed to succeed in every venue. Our puppies are frequently able to compete and finish their championships in the conformation ring as well as in the performance/working ring. Often times, we see that performance puppies and show quality puppies come in the same package. If this were to occur, then the performance home would most likely take preference. Of course, we would like to see all of our show quality puppies obtain their championships in the conformation ring, so the breeder is willing to accommodate the buyer in order to see this happen. In these cases, both the buyer and breeder need to be flexible on the contractual agreement. Please let us know if you are a novice exhibitor, and we would love to help you get started on the right foot with your Solachi border collie puppy.

I know, often times, individuals aren't specifically looking for a future MACH, OTCH, HC, or Ch. dog, but they want a loving companion, a friend to hike, run, or romp in the outdoors with. Or, maybe you're just looking for a border collie to "dabble" in canine sports, especially if your new to the canine performance world. That's alright too! Don't get me wrong, I'm not convinced that border collies are for everyone, especially for a first time dog owner; however, border collies do make wonderful companions (very eager, excitable companions I might add).
Border collies always need a "job" to do, so at minimum, basic obedience training is recommended as well as daily walks/runs, and outings. BC's need to be stimulated, exercised, and mentally challenged.

Solachi Border Collies has first right of refusal with of all our puppies produced. If at any time during the dog's life the puppy buyer is not able to keep the dog for any reason whatsoever, the pup will be returned to Solachi.
We welcome all inquiries regarding purchasing a puppy from us. We strive to breed versatile Border Collies who truly have the "can do" attitude. Most puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and will have a limited registration with AKC, this is done to preserve and protect the Solachi line. Experienced competition or conformation homes are often sold on full registration.
As a litter develops and matures I may or may not see a pup that will be suitable for a potential puppy owner’s needs and preferences. If I do not see the correct pup for the potential puppy owner, I will then refer the potential puppy owner to the next litter. When I see a pup that has the correct potential for a potential puppy owner, I will share with you which pup I think is ideal for you. I am very proud of Solachi dogs we have produced and truly want to protect and preserve our lines for the future. Therefore, individuals looking to purchase a Solachi pup on full registration are dealt with on a personal and individual basis.